The structure

The Farm Holiday Santa Caterina is composed by five rooms with a simple but comfortable furniture, with comforts and bathroom.
Each room has got a double bed and, if you want, we can add two other single beds.



Time seems still at the Farm Holiday Santa Caterina; Maria prepares simple meals full of popular culture and tradition, old flavours, home-made meals, as when you wait for a friend.

All meals are prepared as tradition wants: home-made dough, roasts are grilled in our fireplace... you will have the pleasure to see how we prepare them!

You will eat our traditional cakes prepared by Maria; we do all this only to share with you an emotion, and our main aim is your serenity, in order to stay well together.

Listing of charges

per person Min Max
Half board 65 € 75 €

Lunch is served à la carte.

For more information and offerings, please contact the structure.